1. Where is the Food in Kharkov
  2. Informational social network inTVideo
  3. Boston Restaurant Guide - MattsMenus.
  4. Site for the "Promavtomatika" company
  5. Internal site for the GlobalTex Ltd.
  6. Supplementary site for the "Tehnoholod" company
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  1. Where is the Food in Kharkov

    1. It's our brand-new startup, which was developed by our team and aimed to the citizens of our Kharkov. The idea that we have laid - it's quick, just with a few clicks, find a place where you can meet with your friend, arrange a romantic dinner, or work with a cup of coffee.

      To do this, on the main page we pointed the goals that may be pursued by a visitor of the site and highlighted the most widespread and commonly used. You can choose what you want, as well as the appropriate district location. And the site is selecting the best cafe and restaurants that meet your needs. And we understand that pointing a "Constitution Square", the site must search somewhere around 10-15 minutes walk from the square itself. And pointing to "Alexeyevka" should give information on all "Alekseyevka" distict, including the "Topolek" and "The Circle of 38th".

      To help others to make a choice in favor of a particular restaurant, we suggest to leave your opinion. Taking care of your time, the comment form is made as simple as possible. And do not need any registration and other buzz. If founded place satisfying all aspects? Then site show how to get to the selected place, and show a phone number, website, as well as a list of different chips, such as a room for smokers, the possibility of paying by credit card, etc.

      Now this website is under beta testing and we invite everyone to help us in filling with content. This can be done by clicking the "Add a favorite place" and filling the form. We will consider each application and take into account your help in the future.

  2. Informational social network inTVideo

    1. Social network inTVideo was developed as an innovative technology of communication, by means of video-polls, between manufacturers and consumers of various goods and services.

      The service allows the advertisers to create video-polls specifically for the target audience, selected by the criteria specified (e.g. country, sex, age, etc.).

      This service beneficial both for the advertisers and the consumers because viewing of the video-polls is payable.

      Our team developed the site from the scratch – from defining the Terms of reference to the working service with more than 150 000 users and possibility to double their number while keeping the site response time practically constant.

    2. The design and functional are focused on reliable operation of the service and the security of system.

      The basic functional features of the service include:

      • The system of registration through invitation code. Basing on this code, user will be placed at the respective level of the inner hierarchy;
      • Conversion of video from any format using MEncoder, MPlayer, FFmpeg, yamdi, flvtool2; 
      • “Smart” queue subsystem of video-conversion, which prevents system overload;
      • Background file uploaders;
      • E-mailing lists of the target groups (the main problem was to harmonise our service, which sends huge number of emails, with major email servers;
      • Target groups, which are permanently updated on the basis of the changing users’ profiles.
      • Denormalization of the structure of several tables, related to users’ profiles, to accelerate recalculation of the target groups.
      • Secure interaction interface with the flash player on the client-side. It gives a lot of sensitive information about user's actions, such as answers to the polls, so it was important to create safe interaction.
      • Compatibility with the WebMoney interface;
      • Interface for starting background and delayed tasks. It allows the administrator to run multiple background, delayed and parallel tasks simultaneously.
      • Administrative interface. Allows you to have a full picture of the social network as a whole and for each user individually. Includes view of all money transactions, users’ trees, page visits’ statistic, users’ management, video moderation, polls moderation.
  3. Boston Restaurant Guide - MattsMenus.

    1. This is a new version (in development) of an existing site www.mattsmenus.com.

      Service MattsMenus helps quickly and easy find in Boston a restaurant, which meets the requirements of place, distance limit, cuisine, time, events, additional features. After choosing the restaurant one can see full information about it, including the menu, prices, payment options, reviews, advices, photos and more.

      The service shows locations of the restaurants on the map of Boston, a Google Map route to the chosen restaurant, and sends main information about the restaurant to the mobile phone.

      Peculiarities of this project include:

      • Transfer of all information from the existed to new website;
      • Preservation of the main functions and visitor’s models of behaviour of the old site, combined with a substantial increase of the site efficiency.
      • Explore the formula for calculating distance in respect with geographical coordinates.
  4. Site for the "Promavtomatika" company

    1. The "Promavtomatika" company supplies electronic components and spare parts for aircrafts - for the military-industrial complex of Ukraine from leading national and foreign manufacturers.

      We developed a clear and transparent corporate site with user-friendly administrative part.

  5. Internal site for the GlobalTex Ltd.

    1. GlobalTex Ltd specializes in design, sales and export of fashion fabrics.

      Site globaltex.asia - An Internet resource for its internal use contains a detailed price-list of fabrics, and information about vendors and type of fabrics.

      The project was peculiar for a very tight deadline (which was met) and import of vast amounts of data from regular tables (later - csv) in SQL; imports had to be made with regard to the general fields of different tables.

      We succeded in design of a convenient and multifunctional interface for processing information about the fabrics.

  6. Supplementary site for the "Tehnoholod" company

    1. "Tehnoholod" company, founded in 1997, designs and manufactures refrigerators, heating and sales equipment.

      Site "Picnic - five sevens" presents a "Tehnoholod" product - the multi-function oven "Picnic - 77777".